Saturday 9th July 2022
Raffertys Resort Lake Macquarie, NSW

Aid Stations

There are marshalled aid stations along the course. At these stations, trail runners will have access to the following:

  • First Aid
  • Unlimited quantities of water
  • Tailwind Nutrition
  • Selection of fruit
  • Selection of lollies
  • Potato chips

NOTE: There will be no cups at the aid stations, so you will need to carry a water bottle or hydration pack (or similar) to refill.

Distances to Aid Stations

There are 3 on the 36km course, 2 on the 22km course and 1 on the 12km course.

36km Course

8.5km – Aid Station 1 (Scenic Drive)
20km – Aid Station 2 (Frazer Beach)
30km – Aid Station 3 (Mine Camp Drive)

22km Course

8.5km – Aid Station 1 (Scenic Drive)
16km – Aid Station 3 (Mine Camp Drive)

12km Course

8.5km – Aid Station 1 (Scenic Drive)

Time Cut Off

There are no time cut offs for the 12km or 22km course. However both courses will be closed at 3:00pm. 

For the 36km course there is a short course time cut off is in place at the 13km mark. This is the split point for runners on the 36km and 22km course. 36km runners must reach this point by 11.00am or will be redirected onto the 22km course. Short coursed runners will be classified as 22km course finishers and their results will reflect this. This course also closes at 3:00pm if you make it past the short course time cut off point. 

Triple Trail Challenge runners who do not make this cut off will not be ranked as finishers for the purposes of the Triple Trail Challenge as the 36km course needs to be completed.